And The Winner is…

THE WOMEN’S HEALTH Center at Franklin Circle bestowed the ASID 2010 Bronze Award for Design Excellence in Healthcare.

Waiting Room

WAITING ROOM TIMES vary, but if you have to wait, why not wait in this serene, non-medical, sophisticated setting? Walls are covered in a largely scaled golden damask contract wallpaper. Wood veneers in a harlequin pattern complete the front of the nurses’ station.


THIS PRACTICES DELIVERS over 250 babies a year, so the patients’ restroom needed to not only be gorgeous and able to withstand lots of wear and tear, but also be family friendly and accommodate lots of baby carriages. Can you believe that we used textured pool tiles to waterproof and accent the back wall? At $1.75 a square foot they make a beautiful and…


The hallway to all of the exam rooms was also designed to accommodate baby carriages and general office traffic. The door swings to each exam room were reversed to give the patients added privacy.

Examination Room

THE EXAMINATION ROOMS were designed with a palette in the blue-grey spectrum to help soothe patients, making them feel as comfortable as possible. All rooms are also equipped with privacy curtains and dressing areas.


THIS TRANSITIONAL CONSULTATION room is equipped with a beautiful stainless steel “L” shaped pedestal desk with a cherry wood desktop. Tub chairs in a contract fabric and contract carpet tiles look residentially appealing, but make no mistake about it, these finishes mean business.

Command Center

THE NURSES’ STATION is the hub of the office. If the hub gets congested, the flow of the office is affected. Therefore this control center was centrally placed to allow for patients to check in through the waiting room but check out in an alcove area of the hallway. The back office with additional support staff is located behind the station.